The NHS Is NOT A Charity

Is no one else absolutely furious that they’re being gaslit into believing the NHS is a charity that is funded by donations from working class people?

That a 99 year old man dragging himself up and down a patch of grass is being celebrated? It is nothing to celebrate. It is not a great example of The Great British Blitz Spirit. That’s what the government and the press who prop them up want you to think so you don’t notice their catastrophic failings. It is a stain on this government and the way this country is being run. It is utterly shameful.

Why are we not furious that a pregnant nurse died when she shouldn’t have been at work in the first place while Sicknote Johnson lords it up at his country manor? That care workers are being rewarded for their work with the honour of paying for a fucking badge?

We are being asked to do our bit and dig into our pockets to pay for a service that we already pay for. It is not a charity. You are being asked to pay for the shortcomings of this government. It’s not fucking Comic Relief. Maybe the nasty party should ask their billionaire mates to dig deep or even perhaps pay the taxes that they owe in the first place? The left always knew the last election was literally a matter of life or death and we are seeing it every day and it’s the worst thing to be proven right about. Those of you who voted this utterly disgraceful government into power should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves.

ETA: Those of you arguing on MY post that I shouldn’t be making it political, EVERYTHING IS POLITICAL. Existing is a political act when you’re not a white, middle class, heterosexual, cisgendered man.

I wasn’t expecting so many people to se this post so I’ll add this for clarity:



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