This Is The Exact Moment I Realized

” of all the photos I posted from my daughter Malia,

This one makes me more emotional because it shows the second exact I realized she had down syndrome.

The moment he was born and cleaned it, I asked: ” has down syndrome?”

Nobody heard me, so I asked: ”

It’s all right?”.

I felt guilty that these were my first words, even without someone hearing them.

When they put it on my chest the first time, I took this picture and entered a kind of limbo.

I wasn’t ashamed in any way… but the photo was somehow, I don’t know what word to use… revealing? A Confirmation?

Every time I wanted to post a picture of her, I was back to see this first picture.

I thought the world out there wasn’t going to answer as I wanted. But I love this photo more than anyone can imagine.

The reason I’m finally posting it now is that if there’s someone out there who listens to this diagnosis, before or after birth, I want you to know that everything is fine. Maybe not at first, maybe not for a while, but everything will be fine.

Among all the parents who could have had, his baby chose you “.

Text and photography @thedsdn


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