This Is What Birth Without Consent Looks Like

This is what birth WITHOUT CONSENT looks like

This is what TAKING ADVANTAGE of the naivety of a young birthing woman looks like

A vulnerable 20 year old, oblivious to the fact that she had options, that she could say no

An unnecessary induction she was told was ESSENTIAL because her waters had broken.. only 4 hours earlier

Countless internal examinations, unconsented and unwarranted

The highest dose of Syntocin given to begin, because birth suite was heaving and they “needed to get things moving quickly”..

An immediate epidural because “she wouldn’t be able to manage the pain of contractions so better to get it done now”

A shortened time frame to push because “if a cesarean was necessary the Dr was available now”.. how convenient

A baby born distressed because his mother was pressured and panicking from the ticking time bomb of her allowed pushing time

A placenta instantly ripped from her body, with no option of a physiological 3rd stage, even though that was in her birth plan..

A young woman left wondering, is birth supposed to be that horrific? But later realising no, she’d been a product of ‘the system’

TAKE CONTROL of your birth

Do your own research, be INFORMED, do not consent to anything you are not comfortable with

Knowledge is power and the power is in YOUR hands 💪🏻


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