This Is Why You Don’t Give Dogs Chocolate

Chocolate has a toxic ingredient called theobromine which is poisonous to dogs, dark chocolate is the worst  but it is still quite high in milk chocolate.

Urgent treatment may be needed if your dog has eaten chocolate, you can help the vet by telling them how much you think your dog has consumed and bring the wrappers in.

Symptoms for chocolate poisoning will occur between 4 and 24 hours after consumption, normally with vomiting and diarrhoea, increased heart rate, hyperactivity, rapid breathing and possible seizures.

There is no antidote for chocolate poisoning in most cases the vet will make your dog vomit, also they may wash out your dogs stomach or feed them activated charcoal which will help to absorb any theobromine left in the dogs system, they may also need to be placed on a intravenous drip, medication to control heart rate and to stop seizures.

This is obviously very distressing for the dog and can be very upsetting and expensive for the owner.

This post sums it up by Greenbrier emergency animal hospital “This is a great “action shot” of what we start with after your dog presents for a Chocolate Toxicity. Thanks Dr. Antonucci for this picture. Thanks to the dog’s owner for allowing us to post and bringing her in to be fixed. Thanks to my staff for mopping up the floor. Thanks to the air filters for ridding the office of the smell of yucky chocolate. Thanks to the staff member who totally under estimated when placing a single blue pad to catch the vomit”.

Do Not give your dog chocolate and if by accident they get hold of some please keep an eye on them and seek veterinary treatment if needed.

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