This may sound ridiculous but I’m hoping someone may understand (and be able to …


This may sound ridiculous but I’m hoping someone may understand (and be able to word this better for me) I’m pregnant with my first child and I’m so excited I love my partner to bits but I’m almost jealous him and his family want a say in so much. I know they should and completely deserve to (and they will) but I feel like when my baby is born I will loose him to everyone else. I’m very close with my family and hate the though of having to spread out time out evenly spending time with both parts of the family because his family want time with the baby to obviously but I just want to be at home with my family as that’s where I’m happiest. I love my partner and his family but I almost feel like they are stealing my baby. (Sorry if this sounds crazy) just looking for some advice and to see if anyone feels the same. It’s sounds a lot crazier out loud!! Just this is the best way to explain how I’m feeling x



  1. In the nicest possible way the baby is not just yours he and his family have just as much right to spend time with him/her as you and your family do, it’s understandable you want special time and you can have that when ever you want it same as the dad may want to but I think it’s more paranoia that they will “take” the baby if it gets to much just voice it in an appropriate way but remember they are just as excited as you their going to be grandparents and really you are extremely lucky they want to be their and be around you and the baby not everyone has that support. What you posted sounds selfish but I know that’s just the wording and fact it’s written I do get where your coming from in a way but just try feel grateful for all you have instead of worrying about something that probably won’t happen and if it looks like it’s going that way just be adult and talk about it x

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