This Picture Is The Final Straw For Me-Alfie Evans

Sarah Clegg has something to say about the high profile case of little Alfie whose parents are currently fighting to remove their son from Alder hey hospital and get treatment else where, Alfies parents have set up protests and petitions.

Clegg said “I’ve tried so hard to not share my feelings about the current situation at Alder Hey but this picture is the final straw 4 me…… a bouncy castle in the middle of a dual carriage way, what a lovely addition to a great day out where people can take their children to observe abuse bein hurled at staff, placards with “murderer” written on them being flashed, people chanting like they are at a football match, fireworks being set off, laser pens being shone, horns beeped, roads blocked, megaphones used! How is any of this helping Alfie or maintaining his dignity in any way…… most of these people are not “peacefully protesting” for Alfie, they are joining a mob culture, that has been ill-informed via social media.

I know exactly how alfies parents are feeling and denial is a horrendous place to be…. I fully understand that you would travel to the end of the earth if there is hope of a cure for your child, however there are hundreds of sick children in Alder hey and this circus is distressing for them and their families! I’m not going to share the specifics of Theo’s icu journey, because that is our journey and not something I feel anyone else needs to know, but all I will say is we were all treated with the up most love, respect and dignity and we as parents always lead on decision-making about Theo’s care!

On this exact day 3 years ago, the very staff that are currently being spat at, receiving abusive phone calls and called murderers stayed on beyond their shifts and most of the night whilst they battled in theatre and saved Theo’s life! That very night they were all supposed to be going to one of the consultant cardiologists leaving do after work!!!! Not one single person went to that do, they stayed in theatre all night long working on my boy….. his surgeon then didn’t go home to his own family that night, he got his head down in the staff room for an hour before starting work again in the morning!”







One thought on “This Picture Is The Final Straw For Me-Alfie Evans

  • 31st May 2018 at 4:50 am

    I start to read and quit soon. only a horrible and rotten person inside can deal with the way in which people (mostly women with children and babies) went to demonstrate before Alder Hey in favor of the life of Alfie, the same baby that was murdered days later by the now known Alder HELL. I would like to know if your son was in a similar situation if you would criticize the way in which people who do not know you show their unconditional love and support! How easy it is to speak from the outside without having the slightest ability to put yourself in the place of the other!! Shame on you!


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