To Be A Carer

A poem written by one of Brightspark Care Ltd support workers , Cat Maund 😃

To be a carer – by Me 🦄

The duties of a carer
Are not all black and white
A lot goes on behind the scenes
Out of mind and out of sight

We don’t just do the personal care
Not just feeding, dressing and hygiene
There’s more to life as a care worker
Then you might have ever seen

We’re there to provide extra support
When someone is unwell,
When they’re just not feeling strong enough
To help, encase they fell

To listen to the stories
Of times that have gone by
And hold a hand in times of need
And when they wish to cry

To show your understanding
When times are getting rough
When someone feels like giving up
And has really had enough

To support and to encourage
In hope to enhance a persons life
To offer an extra helping hand
To a husband or a wife

We must be understanding
And protect each persons rights
To support their independence
With every day and night

We aim to uphold dignity
And treat people with respect
We taylor to individuals needs
And ensure a plan is set

To care may come with sadness
And sometimes the darkest days
The worst of these has got to be
When someone’s passed away

Yet we shall continue
To encourage and support
To ensure the highest standards
And not let them fall short

To care is not a hardship
But rather more a gift
And if you ever need a pick me up
We are here to give the lift 💕💕💕💕💕🥰🥰🥰

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