To The Girl Who Decided To Bully My Daughter Today

Cassie Archon’s young daughter was viciously beaten by her school bully and sadly this seems to be happening more and more, schools have little control or punishment methods to prevent what happens on the walk home, the school may have bullying policies but these seem to have little effect, some parents have little interest in their children and have no real authority at home, teenagers don’t seem to have any real worry about their consequences as parents don’t have the same respect as years ago, it’s a worrying time when your child can’t even walk home from school safely.

Archon took to social media to rant about what happened to her innocent young daughter.

Archon said: To the little girl who decided to bully my daughter today! You might have pushed her down, tossed her around and between you and your friend you bruised her c-spine by punching her……But, you WILL NOT get away with it. This is the 3rd time with each time getting worse. I promise you I’ll find the video on instagram! I promise you I WILL protect my daughter! NO parent should ever have to hear that their child was jumped by other kids, especially at the age of 11!! This society has gotten ridiculous with its protection of the ones that bully and the discipline on the ones being bullied. My daughter isn’t perfect but she by no means deserves to be beaten! We live 3/4 of a mile from her school and she can’t even walk home safely!!


Do you think bullying has gotten worse over the years or is just that people are speaking out more? Are schools and parents losing control of their children? let us know in the comments

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