Tough Love Is All I Know How To Give


Tough love is all I know how to give !

When I’ve busted my butt to do everything possible to give my child a great life .. a better life that I had and guide her and her siblings to the best of my ability …

Several talks .. plenty of chances and still chooses to act a fool at school and at home…

Well this mom has reached her limit !

She will learn to appreciate having a nice cozy bed .. now that she is sleeping on the floor .

She will learn to appreciate the clothes and shoes we have bought her now that I have limited her to 3 pants , 3 tops and 3 undergarments , 1 hoodie and 1 jacket and 2 pairs of shoes.

She will learn to appreciate having a washer and dryer …because now she will have to wash those 3day outfits by HAND to re-wear them.

She will appreciate the fact that she had nice clothes to sport the weekends ..because now she will be wearing her same weekday school uniforms during the weekend .. since that’s part of the wardrobe I allowed her to keep!

She will appreciate to have had a tv 📺 to watch because now she will only have the 4 walls in her room to look at or a book to read.

She will learn to appreciate family time and miss it now that she will have plenty of time alone to think about her horrible actions !

She will appreciate the phone she had and we pay for because now she is disconnected from the world 🌍 NO SOCIAL MEDIA, NO FRIENDS , NOTHING!

She will learn to watch her mouth and respect her elders at home and at school .. as well as follow directions and correct her behavior as we have taught her to do so!

Teenagers nowadays think that us parents NEED to give them all that extra stuff .. we sure in hell don’t! All we need to do is provide the basic needs, a roof over there head and food.

They take everything for granted and complain about every little dumb crap!

So at this point this punishment is indefinite but at the very minimum a month!

Best believe she’s going to learn from this one!!

Credit Liza sepulveda

Author: XGemx

2 thoughts on “Tough Love Is All I Know How To Give

  1. This is terrible parenting!! This is seriously going to mess this kid up. What’s next? Going to take her meals away when the lack of sleep from being forced to sleep on the floor affect her health and grades!? Hope the likes shes gets was worth sacrificing the relationship the kid had with the ENTIRE family since this proves the kid has no one in her own family. This kid is going to forever messed up by her terrible mom. Who will mostly like blame the kid and make things worse. She’s as awful as the mom to that poor Amber Peat girl who ended up killing herself due to how shitty her mother was. Is that what this mom is after?

  2. Really are you for real Woman. Tough love my backside, thats downright cruelty, you should be ashamed to call your self a mother. Taking away her phone, tablet or ipad and preventing her from actually seeing her friends out side of School and perhaps stopping her allowance for a given period, depending on what it was she did. In my opinion should have been punishment enough.

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