Warning To Parents Do Not Use These Wipes


Do not use these wipes!!!

I bought a whole box of them from Asda, Burgh Heath as they are currently on offer. Biggest Parenting Fail!

Two of my children (including my 6 month old) we used them on both experienced burns to their face immediately after using them. I even tested them on myself and my face was on fire 🔥

I looked on the Johnsons website for contact info and whilst there saw what bad reviews this product has!!! Loads of

children had suffered burns to their skin after using them! Absolutely shocking! This is meant to be a reputable brand, and the product is extra sensitive & hypoallergenic. Although my children don’t have sensitive skin they had a very bad reaction!

I went into Asda last night to discuss with a manager, who took forever to come to the desk and then could not care less. Told me her child had used them previously and had no issue 🤷🏻‍♀️ Took the box from me with no intention of taking my details and offered no refund or follow up. It was not about the money…..I wanted to make them aware of the issues with the product and hoped they would remove the product until it had been investigated to prevent any further harm. They shirked all responsibility and I was informed it’s Johnson’s problem. Of course I have contacted them as well, they are the manufacturers and the cause of the problem 🙄

The reviews speak for themselves:


Please share & save your kid’s skin!

Rant over 🤭

Credit https://www.facebook.com/gemma.harper

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