When I’m Down, I Call Mum

When I’m down, I call my mum.

When I’m sad, I call my mum.

When something good has happened, I call my mum.

Sometimes I even call her when I’m feeling absolutely fine, I just would quite like a chat.

I depend on her.

I depend on her because she has always been there.

I regularly hear “you need to stop holding your daughter now, or she will become too dependent”, or

“break that habit of her crying for you, or she will become dependent”, or “you need to leave your daughter so she can learn to be away from you or she will become dependent”….

People use the word ‘dependent’ so regularly when it comes to parents and their children.

But being a parent MEANS being depended on.

I would be far more concerned if my children grew up to feel as though they COULDN’T depend on me.

When all else seems wrong with the world, I don’t want them to feel as though they have nowhere to turn.

I want them to know that they can turn to me, no matter the circumstances.


We become so focused on FORCING INDEPENDENCE in those early years, that we forget about the importance of BEING DEPENDED ON.

It starts in childhood, and goes right the way through.

Being depended on isn’t a failing as a parent.

It’s a massive success.


Credit https://www.facebook.com/mrsmombastic/


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