When Your Baby Isn’t Your Baby Anymore

When Your Baby Isn't Your Baby Anymore

One more cuddle please

One more kiss

One more story

One more goodnight mummy

Just one more please mummy so I can sleep.

I love you

I’m scared

I’m not tired

I don’t want you to go

Can I have five more minutes please mummy

I don’t mean to annoy you

I know you’re tired

I know you have lots to do

I missed you

Look what I can do mummy, look how high I bounce

I can’t find my bear

My night light won’t work

Where have you gone mummy

I don’t want to be alone

Whether your my baby or a grown man, I will never refuse your request for more time.

No matter what you say to ask me to stay, you will never have to beg my darling.

You are my world, and I will always have the time to give you. I treasure every memory we have of these moments.

You won’t always want a cuddle

You won’t always want a kiss

You will grow too old for stories

You won’t want me to say goodnight

Please don’t grow so fast my baby

Although you will always love me

You won’t need me to fight the monsters

You won’t always be wide awake

You will beg some days for me to leave

Please can I have a few more years

You will be embarrassed of me

You won’t always be home at night

You will have your own life to live

You won’t always miss me

You are amazing my baby, and will grow to do incredible things and though you might get older, things will never change.

I will always find your toys

I will always make the lights and stars work

I will always be here even when your grown

🖤 You will never be alone 🖤


Author: XGemx

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