Why Won’t They Just Remove My Womb

Why Won't They Just Remove My Womb

Why won’t they just remove my womb.

I am a proud mother of three wonderful children ages range from 3 to 7 years. I am 27 years old and  raising my children alone and that is fine by me, I work hard to support my family and love being a mum and enjoy my job

But every single damn month I lose 2 to 3 days worth of pay, I am lucky that my employer is so supportive and understanding, the reason I have to go sick is my menstrual cycle.

I literally flood with blood, I wear 3 night-time pads and a tampon, I’ve tried the menstrual cups but they over flow, my periods are so heavy that I soak through everything.

I cannot leave the house and rely on a friend to take and collect my eldest two children to and from school, my stomach cramps and on a few occasions I have collapsed in pain.

I have tried ALL types of contraception, hormone tablets, home remedies everything my Doctor can think of, I have spent hours upon hours researching online ways to help reduce the flow but nothing has helped.

What I want is a normal life, a hysterectomy, my womb taken away and a chance at being a great mum and a reliable employee throughout the entire month.

My doctor has refused, I am too young they say, I might meet someone and want another child, there could be complications etc and to try alternative treatments.

I do not want any more children, I do not want more pain, I do not want to be stuck at home, I am fed up of washing blood soaked clothes, why do doctors get to decide what I might want in the future. Please tell me I’m not alone, there must be other woman who are refused a hysterectomy. Surely it is my body my choice

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  1. Hi this was me for many years. I approached my doctor and fought to see a specialist and broke down in tears describing exactly what your going through. The specialist and I discussed all the options and decided on removing the lining of my womb. This was a year ago and my periods have almost ceased. I now spot very little have cramps that are manageable and looks like I am now in the menopause. Please approach them and ask them about this option best thing I ever did

  2. I’m going through the same thing at present. I work agency so I need the hours but yesterday my period started and I was in severe pain to the point I couldn’t get out of bed. So my hubby had to go get me co codamol and so was dopped for the whole day and very sleepy. I’ve been back and forth to the doctors for about 2 years with it and only just last July they did something about it. They said it was a fibroid and they would take a biopsy. They didn’t remove it as it wasn’t cancerous. Also had to have a blood transfusion as my haemoglobin was very low. Anyway, I’m now back at square one and still in alot of pain and the flow is horrendous, to the point I have to change myself a good 3 times over night. I’ve to get more surgery at some point in the year but until then I’m on steroid tablets to stop the bleeding and it’s just not working. I feel your pain hun I do 100% it’s awful. At the end of the day u could always freeze ur eggs if u did want kids at some point in the future. I have also asked for a hysterectomy but was refused coz I am only 25. I have one daughter aswell but they won’t do it. It’s frustrating. Your doctor shouldn’t be tell you what you want, there job is to advise not make the decision. Have they tried burning the lining of ur womb? They are going to try that with me if surgery doesn’t work.

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