Yes I Am Wearing A Coat I Know Its Sunny

Yes I am wearing a coat I am well aware that the sun is shining and all the people around me are in their summer gear.

Do you think I left the house not realising I was wearing it? Nooo so why point it out?

“Aren’t you hot” well no I’m not otherwise I would surely remove it wouldn’t I!!!

Another one I hear regularly is… “you must be mad” oh right so my mental health is affecting my ability to make wise fashion decisions.

I’m wearing a coat because I’m bloody cold… all the time.

I have Raynaud’s disease.

Yes I Am Wearing A Coat I Know Its Sunny
Yes I Am Wearing A Coat I Know Its Sunny

It is a disorder that typically does not come with severe complications. The symptoms usually arise when a person is cold.

These can include pain and numbness in the extremities, a pins and needles sensation, having difficulty moving the affected area, and the skin turning white or blue.

It occurs due to the blood restriction and blood vessel reaction when the body is cold, reducing circulation to the fingers, toes and sometimes the entire body.

These symptoms can last anywhere from a few minutes to many hours. Typically, symptoms can be treated on one’s own, simply by keeping warm. However, Raynaud’s is classified as a blood circulation disease and can worsen and cause further complications if left untreated for an extended period.

Raynaud syndrome, is also known as Raynaud’s phenomenon,or Raynauds diease, I don’t like my fingers being so painful I can’t move them so I’ll carry on wearing my coat, thanks for your damn concern


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