You Aren’t Required To Give Birth In A Hospital

You aren’t required to give birth in a hospital. Did you know that? You’re allowed to decide if a birth center, hospital or your home is the best choice to birth your children.

You have the right to make choices that you feel are in the best interest of you and your babies. This is your body and you are their parent.

Do your research. Put together a birth team who will support your wishes and help to educate you on your options. Trust your intuition. You are the conductor of this experience and your birth team is there to help YOU.

This strong mama knew that she could birth her gorgeous twin girls at home. She put a team together to support her and received incredible care from local OBs along with the prenatal care of her homebirth midwife. She met each milestone necessary to have a homebirth and at 37 weeks and 4 days brought these sweet little ones into the world. Her strength inspires me as she fought hard to keep these babies safe until they decided it was time to enter the world.

Congrats to a wonderful family and please give a warm welcome to these girls who are already so loved.

It was such an honor to document.




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