Your Husband Should Eat Before Your Children

Who should you feed first your husband or your child? 

For most the answer is simple, your children should always come first.
But there is a trend spreading across social media of woman admitting that their partner should always comes first.

Look after your “King” and he will provide for the off-spring.


One woman named Melissa Ravens aged 34 from Somerset posted saying “my husband will always come before my children, he is my priority, this doesn’t mean I don’t love my children, in fact I believe a loved happy husband makes for happy well brought up children, my husband works hard and needs my support. My children play all day so I plate my husbands meal first he requires more affection”.

Another woman named Sophia Marques Aged 23 and mother of 2 agreed with Ravens and said: “my husband needs to be fed first so he can have the energy to be able to make money to support the household”.

Many woman surprisingly agreed with these two ladies, although the majority of mums were shocked to hear this out dated idea and some weren’t very tactful with their replies and attacked these woman and branded them terrible mothers.

Now I don’t agree these woman but would never verbally attack them however I 
normally would keep impartial on my web stories but on this one I cannot, my three children will always come before anyone and that includes myself.
I personally would rather starve so my children could eat, no man or woman will ever come before my children, but as long as all are being fed I’m not sure it matters which order it’s dished up.

I always dish up my children’s first purely so it has time to cool down I had never thought of it as a positive or negative thing.

Opinions are welcome here, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Who should you feed first your husband or your child? 




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  • 22nd March 2019 at 8:26 pm

    I always dish my kids food first to allow it time to cool down.. But I always serve my husband’s food before placing the kids food on the tablen


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