You’re A Bad Parent If You’ve Shamed A Bottle Feeding Mum

You're A Bad Parent If You've Shamed A Bottle Feeding Mum

You’re a bad parent if you’ve shamed a bottle feeding mum.

If you think pushing a baby out of your vagina or being cut in two was all the insulting you’d endure whilst bringing your baby in to the world… you’ve got a shock coming.

It gets worse.

As a bottle feeding and bottle fed mum, I think I can speak for all bottle feeding parents out there when I say that pushy, breastfeeding mums are like the antichrist of all motherhood.

We hate them. Loathe them. We avoid them like the plague. 

They can’t sit with us. 
We don’t hate breastfeeders, not a single bit (you rock) – we just hate the breastfeeders that dislike bottle feeders because they think they’re a cut above the rest.

I’ll let you in on a little secret; if you’re already bashing another parent this early on in to motherhood, you’re already failing faster than the bottle feeder you’re already bashing. 
I’m all for the “a fed baby is best” – because that’s the truth.

As an adult, honestly, can you really tell who was bottle fed or breastfed as a child?
Absolutely not.
Don’t be daft.

I was bottle fed from day one; I have no major health issues, I don’t lack intelligence, I rarely ever get poorly and I have an immune system built of iron.

We get really sick of hearing about it and your sodding boobs and how wonderful they are.
Bashy breastfeeders, this is what a bottle feeding mum thinks to every shitty thing you say to her;

“If you bottle feed, your child is likely to be prone to more allergies.”
So is a breastfed baby.
“You’ll bond better.”
Please, don’t go there.
“Maybe you should have just tried for a bit longer.”
Maybe you should f*** off.
“I can give you some advice.”
No thanks, f*** off. 
“It gets easier.”
Ever had a baby with colic? Clearly not. F*** off. 
Come on. Weigh it up, guys. 

Anybody would think we were actually poisoning our children with formula (that’s what the breastfeeders say anyway.)
It’s actually perfectly safe and gives our babies all they need, without worrying if we can do that ourselves – because some of us actually can’t.
Do you know how difficult it is to bottle feed?
If we could just pop a boob out as and when we felt like it, produced a load of milk or “liquid gold” like you guys, got to get our babies back off to sleep just by resting them on our boob in the middle of the night, then we would, wouldn’t we?!

Imagine washing, sterilizing, prepping, remembering to prep and all the other hassle that goes with it… I wouldn’t really say that was an easy way out at all, would you? (Let’s not forget those mad dashes for the kitchen in the middle of the night, because you forgot to take a bottle up to bed with you – they’re the worst.)

Breastfeeding your baby doesn’t make you a bad parent, bottle feeding your baby doesn’t make you a bad parent – judging mothers on their decisions if different to yours makes you a bad parent. 
We’re all trying to do what’s right for our children and your opinion or approval isn’t needed, but thank you.
Keep your thoughts and judgmental views to yourself and we’ll do the same.


Author: XGemx

5 thoughts on “You’re A Bad Parent If You’ve Shamed A Bottle Feeding Mum

  1. You go very quickly from saying you have nothing against breastfeeders only “pushy breastfeeders” to making general statements about all BFers.
    I’m afraid your article is poorly written at best.

  2. Breastfeeding is really hard work especially in those early weeks,so I can fully understand why BF post and comment about it all the time.It’s such a shame that More mums don’t get the support and education that’s desperately needed in those early weeks as it really would up the breastfeeding rates and cause less bitterness from FF mums.

  3. I am sorry you feel so attacked by breast feeding mothers, it sounds like you are hurting, I am sure you are an amazing mom with or without breast feeding but Im guessing those breast feeding “pushers” were only trying to help. I know for me it was the hardest job I’ve ever had in the beginning and I love and apreciate my friends that helped me along the way.

  4. I love this post ,it’s not really for others to judge as long as the babies are healthy and happy isn’t that what matters really.

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