1 In 8 Couples Are Infertile-Don’t Tell Them What To Do

Think about this: 1 in 8 couples are infertile. Chances are, you know someone who is secretly dealing with infertility, it could be a close friend, relative or neighbour.

Think about the simple task of going to the supermarket and walking down the baby aisle and the many emotions this are triggered.

Think about their pain when asked to attend a friend’s baby shower, or scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and seeing so many new mums cradling their precious new-born, or seeing baby scans posted.

Think about the complete devastation of finally getting pregnant and then losing the baby they always prayed for, and then the ignorance of people’s comments “oh you can try again you are only young” many woman who have a miscarriage are met with insensitive but well-meaning comments .

Think about your own children and how much you love them. Think about those women and men who never get a chance to experience the love they long for, who try to adopt but are often unable to or spend their lives savings trying to conceive.

We do not expect mums not to post photos of their scans or new-born baby photos, we do not want supermarkets to hide the baby stuff, this is something that cannot really be avoided, what we can ask that if someone loses a baby no matter the gestation to listen and care and not make the insensitive comments, a lose is a lose no matter how far gone they are, do not give a couple who are infertile tips on how you got pregnant, trust me they have tried everything, only give your opinion if you are asked for it.

1 in 8 are infertile these statistics are so high so chances are you may be faced with one of these conversations, be kind, be compassionate and put yourself in their shoes.

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