£6.77 What Could You Buy With That?


What could you buy with that?

In the real world, the answer is “not a lot” – but in my ex’s world it’s apparently enough to provide for your child for a FULL WEEK.

£6.77 is the exact amount of money my ex is willing to pay, per child, per week in child maintenance.

He’s paid today and hasn’t even rounded it up to the nearest quid.

He’s fiddled his business books so hard he’s managed to reduce his maintenance payments from £414 per month to a measly £59 per month for TWO children. 👏

£6.77 wouldn’t even buy his Netflix subscription, or a packet of fags – yet it’s the price he’s put on feeding and clothing his first born children.

You may be wondering how this can happen? Well, it’s a massive #CMS loophole which thousands of self employed parents are exploiting.

Parents who own their own business can declare earnings of their choosing to HMRC – and it’s win win because a) they pay little or no income tax and b) The CMS use this figure to work out maintenance payments.

It doesn’t work for those who are “employed” because HMRC can see true earnings for those who are PAYE and so earnings can’t be hidden.

According to CMS, my ex declared his earnings to be £8,137 last year. If he only earned £8k, I’m a millionaire. (I’m not)

This loophole is affecting THOUSANDS of children – why won’t anyone listen and take action?

So I’m making it my mission to get this sorted. Watch this space and give me a wave if you are with me.

#ihaveaplan #karma #CMS #nevergiveup #whatgoesaroundcomesaround #taxevasion

Credit https://www.facebook.com/singlemumstillstanding/

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