A poem to our son in heaven & uncle on earth 

My son Riley passed away aged 4, 13 months ago he had been playing in the pool with his uncle Paul who was 15 at the time, his uncle left my son unattended for a matter of minutes to use the bathroom.

This is a poem I have written to my brother and son, he made a mistake, he isn’t to blame, we all forgive him, but he can’t forgive himself.

I have so many things to tell you, that I don’t know how to say.

So many things are happening and things are changing everyday.

Something’s are getting better, and others just getting worse, everything is changing and everyone is hurt.

I am always hurting, I always seem to cry, everyone is leaving and don’t even say goodbye.
Suicide seems to linger in uncle Paul’s mind, he knows it’s stupid but still he thinks it all the time, he isn’t  thinking clear… and all he is doing is hurting people he holds dear.

I know that you are in Heaven, looking down from above, but please show us dear Riley my brother some love.

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