A Sculpture To Capture The Trauma Of A Still Born Or Baby Loss

A sculpture made to capture the emotional trauma of a still born or a pregnancy that never made it full term.

This sculpture will probably hit the hearts of women who see this and this isn’t to cause upset, I felt if anything, it enables people to realise that no matter what stage a foetus is developed and what stage your loss occurs, your loss is always a profound heart breaking loss that the mother endures.

People say “she wasn’t even that far gone” to attempt to ease a mother’s pain but those ignorant comments can not help fill the void of her loss.

1 in 4 pregnancies are lost before birth so this post goes out to all the angel babies who never made it and all the heroic mothers that have endured and grieved their loss ❤️

Above content credit goes to Sammie Steers

Take a look at more of the sculptures amazing work at http://facebook.com/maddilynnmemory

For parents who are expecting a new life but find themselves facing death, and when a mother has physically given birth to a baby, accepting the reality of that emotionally is immensely difficult. Mothers will still experience all the normal post-natal reactions, which may be especially distressing because their baby has died.

When a baby dies, fathers often have a great deal to manage. Not only are they grieving for their baby, but their concern for their partner makes this a very difficult time. Often they may be asked how the baby’s mother is rather than how they, as fathers, are feeling themselves.

Society is likely to dictate that men should be strong, always ready and able to do the supporting – but fathers too have lost their baby and will need to find ways to express their grief. They too need support and care. For help and support please see https://childbereavementuk.org

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  • 4th October 2019 at 6:08 pm

    Where can this sculpture be baught, I know a lot of ladies who would want this


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