A Simple Letter Can Mean Such A Lot

Hi, please could you help!

My sister Hannah was diagnosed with an extremely rare condition aged 2 and was given a life expectancy of 3. Her condition means she can’t feel any pain and isn’t able to sweat or shiver. Because of this she has shattered both her hips, is missing fingers and toes due to self-mutilation and possible leg amputation.

5 months ago she underwent major spinal surgery to repair damage to her neck. unfortunately, the operation was not successful and has caused further damage. She is going back for further surgery on the 6th of December.

Hannah absolutely loves receiving and reading cards. We would love to make an appeal for Hannah to receive as many get well cards as we can! Hannah has also got a learning disability and is finding another operation a worrying time, we are hoping receiving these cards will keep her smile and spirit going.

If you have a spare card at the back of your cupboard please consider Hannah! Thankyou so much! Please send all cards to:


2 Southernhay




Thankyou!A Simple Letter Can Mean Such A Lot


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