A Story About The Cost Of Disability Told Through The Tale Of Two Pairs Of Shoes

A story about the cost of Disability told through the tale of two pairs of shoes.

Once upon a time there were 2 brothers who needed black shoes for school.

”Come on Mummy, let’s go to Asda” said the younger brother, so off they walked to Asda returning with a pair of Batman light up black shoes for £13.

The older brother needed something a bit different as his toes often curled up and regular shoes with curled up toes were painful. They wheeled off to the shops and returned empty handed.

So they went online and found the perfect shoe in America with a zipper that opened up the whole shoe meaning no more curled up toes. Mummy paid the £59.62 for the shoes, £1.78 foreign exchange transaction fee, £0.50 foreign transaction purchase fee and the £18.55 Customs charge, making a total of £80.45.

And then both boys had comfy, smart shoes for school and Mummy was grateful for Disability Living Allowance because things that are a little bit different cost an enormous amount more.

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Written by Emily Hudson


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