Adoption Isn’t Easy But My God It’s Worth It

It’s National Adoption Week this week  I’d write about something that might worry those thinking about adopting or who’ve recently adopted. I know I worried about this through our adoption process and didn’t really want to mention it at the time. Would I love the children that was to become mine? Would they love me? Would they even like me? Ok so that’s three things but it’s all wrapped up into one thing – LOVE.

My husband and I had always wanted children and after we wed we tried for over 10 years to conceive you see we were trying for children in the 1970’s and help to conceive was not as good as today, I had PCO and was unable to hold onto a pregnancy for more than a month.

My husband and I decided we would adopt.

But I still wondered, worried if I’d have a connection with my adopted child/ren.

September 1987 I received a phone call after waiting 3 years and going through all the palaver the social workers expected, to say that they had two children they felt were suitable for us.

Two weeks later we met these children a 3-year-old girl called Gemma and a 4-year-old boy called Shaun.

The little girl smiled when we walked in and showed me her doll, the boy went up to my husband and said “your now my daddy” and hugged him tight.

It was love at first sight, how could these children that I didn’t carry within my womb feel like my own?

My children have grown now and I have 3 wonderful grandchildren, It wasn’t always easy being an adoptive mum, questions were asked and going from a family of 2 to a family of 4 was hard work.

I remember wanting to be pregnant so much but looking back now I am so glad I couldn’t as I wouldn’t have the family that I do now.

Adoption is not easy but my god is it worth it!!!

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