Alarm Wakes Ladies Up With An Orgasm

A new alarm clock is on the market and it is aimed at the ladies, I suppose men could try it in a different area, you will understand what I mean in just a minute.

This is an alarm clock with a huge difference not your normally, beeping and ding a lings, this super special clock is better than a cock, it will wake you up with an orgasm.

The Little Rooster is designed for people with vaginas, you simply set the alarm for the designated time and slip it under your pajamas.

The Little rooster alarm clock has thirty amazing settings to choose from the Little rooster alarm starts off on a gentle nice setting to wake you up and it slowly intensifies over 5 minutes, on a full charge the Little rooster can keep on stimulating you for up to 3 hours (whoop whoop).

It also has a snooze function just like any other alarm clock,.

The Little rooster company also suggests that couples use it to schedule foreplay and don’t panic a version for penises is coming soon although we are unsure of what this will be called, we would lie to suggest “morning-glory”.

What would you call the male version of the Little rooster? Are you tempted to buy one or know some one who would benefit from this very happy morning call?

Want to buy one? Take a look at their website

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