Baby Grave Being Vandalised Can You Help?

Hello everyone! 

As some of you may know, I am moving my Son Angel from one cemetery to another. I lost Angel from my waters breaking quite early on. This is  Because every time we go up to visit him, he keeps getting destroyed and vandalised! This happens every two weeks! The people that are vandalising Angel, clearly do not have a heart,   We feel like we have no choice to move him as they vandals will carry on doing this! We are moving him to Tavistock cemetery, which is where I grew up and he won’t be alone as he will be with my Grandad and cousin! 

Losing a child is traumatising as it is, let alone having their graves vandalised all the time! If we never move him, he will never be able to rest peacefully.  

Could you imagine visiting your child and having the trauma of cleaning up the wreckage they leave behind? 

In the photo, as you can see the little Angel statue has had the head and wing broken off, the statue came with the plaque so we were heartbroken when we saw it. This isn’t all the vandals have done. They have broken flower pots, broken off the Concrete heart block and broken little ornaments we use to put down on the grave, which we no longer do because of the vandalism. 

So if you can, please donate to help move him! Every little penny will help!
thank you so much from Lauren Grylls, Jaydan Walsh and Family!

Please use this link to support the family

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