Before You Judge A Mama Using A Child Leash

Before you judge a mama for using a “child leash” please know the benefits of using one. As long as they aren’t being used in an abusive matter, the child is fine ♥️

-Kidnapping is so much easier these days. You can’t leave your child in a cart and turn to grab something without that fear. Much less having a child walking next to you. Child harnesses give you that assurance that your child is right next to you at all times.

-Special needs children love to run! Heck, all children love to run! Don’t judge a Mamas choice of using one to teach her child respect in a public place.

-Yes a child harness teaches children respect. So our children aren’t running around in public places, like a grocery store causing problems for other people.

-A child harness is also handy when a mom has multiple babies or her hands full.

There are plenty more benefits in using a child harness or child “leash”. The point is, we can’t judge Mamas for putting safety first. We can’t judge a mama for teaching her children respect & discipline. If you are against it, keep walking. Everyone will have opinions but judging other parents instead of supporting them isn’t right. You never know the full situation ♥️

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