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Being Alone In A Room Full Of People

Being alone in a room full of people

Being alone in a room full of people

People believe that when you are in a room full of people it is impossible to be lonely that is false being in a room full of people can be the loneliest place to be when your heads not in it.

Welcome to anxiety people.

Feeling the outcast, the misfit the one there because people feel awkward for not inviting you in case you get upset or depressed that you weren’t invited. But even when your there you’re looking for an escape. You sit drinking tea scared of making a fool of yourself in front if people while they get drunk. You are desperate to be treated the same as everyone but because of who you are you’re not.

They expect your reactions to be a certain way no matter how hard you try to be better. They say they are helping but they don’t change with you.  You sit quietly trying not to be noticed and people think your miserable when your really not you will just do anything not to draw attention to yourself. They talk about things you have no experience of so you can’t contribute and end up feeling dumb.

Is it intentional or in your head? You will never know cuz you will never ask afraid of answers you will get. You let life pass you by because you’re so scared of everything but nobody understands the crippling fear of not being wanted or not being good enough. So being in a room full of people can be the loneliest place to be.

If you have anxiety please contact your doctor, you don’t have to alone there are people out there who feel the same as you. help is available.

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