Best Thing I’ve Ever Heard From A Man

Best thing ive ever heard from a man.

“So I had been with my partner about 6/7 years and had a 5-year-old and a 1-year-old. She also had a 13-year-old from a previous relationship.

We had no sex life, we always argued over stupid things like me not helping around the house and the kids as much. How tired she was etc etc Why should I? I work full-time.

So in the end we split, I would go see the kids every few days then it eventually stopped. Single life had taken over. Partying, drinking, dating, Just plain old all about me.

Then one night after about 5 months of being split up with the misses it clicked. I missed her, I missed the way she looked in the morning, the stupid little jokes, the way my tea was always ready, the way the house always smelt fresh, fresh bedding, clean pots, hugs, kiss. Everything.

So the next day after work about half 5, I went round and then as I walked in I saw nothing had changed.. And what I mean by that is either if im there or not. Been a mother doesn’t stop. The kids were sat eating tea, while she was putting washing in and out, cleaning the pots and all while making sure the kids ate they tea.

So to me I knew right there that the woman stood in front of me (well on the go like a mad woman) was amazing. She never stopped even when I left. I had my time to myself. Where was her time? Where was her single life? It was here. Looking after her/our kids, home and herself. While all I thought about was me.

We didn’t get back together because I was so selfish and didn’t realise I should have appreciated everything she does for us in the now. Rather than take her for granted and lose her.

So to everyone wondering why woman always nag for help…. sit back and look. Look at your woman and watch exactly what she does in her life because it’s certainly not looking after her. She’s last on her list. So you look after her before another man will.

Credit Aimee Bethany Jordan Atha

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