Beware Of This Kinder Egg Toy

I wasn’t sure whether to share this because I’m still not over it, I still feel guilty and I am still shaking. But I thought rather than beat myself up I will make awareness.

Maya is 2.5 she has all these little toys that she plays with under strict supervision, she likes to line them up, feed them, put them in little beds etc, she’s always usually so sensible with them and she had stopped putting things in her mouth a good year ago. I know they are from 3+ but absolutely all her toys are and is there really that much difference between a 3-year-old and a little girl who Is 3 in 4 months?! I strongly believe this could happen to a child of any age which is why I’m sharing.

Anyway last night somehow she managed to smuggle one up to bed with her, she must have put it in her mouth and fell asleep because I’m just laying feeding my 11 month old next to her and I hear a weird gargling noise. I immediately sat bolt upright and looked in her mouth to see this tiny toy at the back of her throat.

I quickly yell to her father and he’s there within seconds telling me to phone an ambulance, so I’m screaming words that don’t even make sense down the phone to 999 and he is trying to dislodge this toy. It’s not coming out. He has tried everything and it’s not budging, he flips her back over and blood pours from her throat. Right at that moment I thought she’s dead, this must be a dream, this can’t be happening. As soon as her dad  saw the blood he literally got his finger to back of her throat and pulled it out.

The ambulance came and took her in, she’s fine. She probably has cuts in her throat where the toy was lodged and she was so very distressed after. I can’t stop thinking what if. She was lifeless and she was so nearly gone 💔 obviously all said toys are now in the bin, she will be spot checked every night and I feel like the worst mum in the world, please be careful ❤️

Also I’m not saying it’s kinder eggs fault at all it could have happened with any small toy and a child of any age. It just happened to be the particular toy in question. A freak accident. Thankyou so much for all your messages ❤️

Credit Mandy Grantham

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