Boris A Little Poem

I’ve written a poem.

Really not trying to belittle or trivialise what is happening right now. I just wanted to get a few bits and bobs off my chest and this works for me.


I’ve wrote a little poem
I hope it doesn’t suck
I hope that you don’t roll your eyes
And mutter ‘What the fuck?’

I didn’t vote for Boris
But he’s not as bad as Blair
At least he’s no war criminal
But I wish he’d brush his hair

I watch him on my phone
Which makes me squint like mad
Cos that little shit Dempsey
Has nicked my iPad

I watch it in the kitchen
Whilst I’m doing dinner
Puts me off my fucking food
But at least I’m getting thinner

I’ve got loads of questions
Like can we test, test, test?
But Boris goes ‘Nah fuck off mate’
We didn’t invest, vest, vest.

But he’s done a deal for ventilators
A 30 million pound hit
Hope they’re better than Dyson’s vacuums
‘Cos they are fucking shit.

This situation makes me sad
It’s beyond my comprehension
I hope my poem makes you laugh
And eases just a little bit of tension.


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