Boris Speech Explained

Don’t understand the confusion people seem to be having regarding the recent announcement…no wonder people were doing the fudging conga to Vera Lynn with the neighbours after a few pimms on VE Day…I think a fair proportion of the population lack common sense…

It’s pretty simple…for now the only changes are;

▪️Work from home if you can. Construction workers can return to work if they’re able to adhere to social distancing while there. Avoid public transport to get there where at all possible.

▪️Stay at home apart from exercise (which is no longer restricted to 1 hour, once a day. It can now be done in parks and sports can be played with the family you live with) whilst observing social distancing rules.

▪️Depending on the response to these measures we may see more shops and businesses & primary schools opening from the start of June…all dependant on the figures.

▪️Potentially seeing hospitality begin to open at the start of July…all depandant on the figures.

It’s not rocket science!

Don’t twist words & overcomplicate the simple to hear what you want to hear…

STAY AT HOME unless you need to go out.

Only go to work if you can get there safely & CANNOT WORK FROM HOME & you are able to practice social distancing at work.

Exercising is unlimited WITH MEMBERS OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD.

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