Breastmilk It’s Magic

Someone commented on one of my posts recently stating that breastmilk isn’t magic. Well actually it is.

Breastmilk is powerful. It’s love, it’s food, and its medicine. It attacks cancer cells, stops E. coli in its tracks, and destroys MRSA Infection from spreading. It contains cells otherwise only found in embryonic tissue.

It contains stem cells currently being used to treat Alzheimer’s , Parkinson’s, Diabetes, and being studied for Regenerative Medicine. It has antibodies and contains millions of white blood cells. It is living and breathing. It produces its own food to feed the living bacteria found in itself (yes you read that right). It is made from nothing yet contains everything.

It is different during the day then it is at night. It changes hour by hour customizing itself to your child’s particular need at every moment. Science can’t explain it and mankind can’t replicate it. 👊 #keepboobin #normalizebreastfeeding #milkitivity

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