Butlins Minehead You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourselves

Disabled toilet facilities at Butlins Minehead

My son is 14 and has cerebral palsy when making the booking with Butlins I asked was the park accessible and I was told yes definitely, but only one lift to the entertainment room and a lift that can only fit in one wheelchair or pram in, but the changing facilities were shocking. In this toilet only me and my son could just about get in the carer couldn’t fit in too so I had to lift him out myself and lay him on the floor

When challenging staff about their facilities they told me to take him back to the apartment to change him even then my apartment was 10/15 walk away from the main complex and the wheelchair could only fit into the hallway so again I would have to lift him out and lay him down and also with him having changed 9/10 times a day

All the money made by Butlins and these are there changing facilities for disabled people

It’s degrading and wasn’t nice especially when I went in once and the floor was all wet so I had to dry all the floor with paper towels

Change needs to happen and fast

By Anita Patel via Mum on a mission

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