By 40 Our Middle Finger Is At Half-Mast


By 50, it’s full on UP.

By 60, both of those fingers are hoisted,
and not a single care is given any more.

I mean, we care about our family, our friends and our passions.
We care about the environment.
We care about equality and living in peace.
But we don’t care about ‘fitting in’ and we don’t care about what people think of us.
Not anymore.
Too many years were wasted on that.

We certainly don’t care to stay quiet, or bite our tongues,
we haven’t wasted all these life lessons to play dumb when the situation calls for our wisdom.

Neither do we care if our waistline is the acceptable size or if our thighs are toned and unblemished.
We have wrinkles, we have stretch marks, we have war wounds, warts and all.
And we are rocking each and every one of them in all their glory.

You see, there comes a time in every woman’s life where you realise that this is it.
This is the time to be alive.
To live without restriction or oppression.

To break free of the chains society binds us with and tear loose.
This is our time to be completely and totally who we were supposed to be all along.

The sooner you get there, the better.

Life waits for no woman.

Donna Ashworth

Art, Iris Apfel by Joya Cousin #joyacousinart Joya Cousin Portrait Painter

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