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Can I have a pop I’m 25 and have a 1 and half year old I practically raise him …

Can I have a pop

I’m 25 and have a 1 and half year old I practically raise him myself his dad doesn’t really have a bond with him even tho we live together I spend most weekends with my parents as I feel more normaltiy. He works mon-fri but comes home and just sits on his back side leaves me to deal with our son and every other house duty, I no longer have feelings for him and he makes me misrible and I feel tho he’s dragging me into the ground iv actually forgot what it feels like to he happy I have tired to talk about it and leave on so many occasions but he is very manipulating and knows how to guilt trip me into staying. He’s 23 and on the highest dosage of morphine he’s on this due to chronic pain but no doctors can actually diagnose what’s causing the chronic pain. All my family and friends can see how much he’s running me into the ground and can see I’m not happy but I just feel trapped. I left him once before and stupidly went back because he promised things would be better but after the last time I left him I went through csa for our son and I got a load of abuse off his family through fb I agreed to stop csa and come to an agreement through our selfs but he didn’t agree on what I said (150 a month) he said no so agreed on ( 130 a month). I just want to back my bags and run away.

Sorry for the long post.
Just looking for some advice.


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