Can I have a PP please… I’m so angry with my Husbands Payroll and Universal C…

Can I have a PP please…

I’m so angry with my Husbands Payroll and Universal Credit…

Bit about us…
My Husband is a Manager of a pub, we have 1 baby and another on the way.
We do unfortunately rely on Universal Credit to top up my Husbands income.
We live in a small village and only 1 bus out which is to an airport.
We can’t afford to insure 2 cars and I can’t get insurance on my Husbands car due to a claim plus high litre. it’s on finance so no way we can get a smaller car until that’s paid off.
We live in at the pub and rent is automatically deducted from his wages before it’s paid.

Because of New Year he is now going to be paid on the 29th Dec instead of the 1st Jan. Anyone that knows how Universal Credit works will know that this is now going to put us in an extremely bad financial position as we won’t receive our Universal Credit in January.
My Husband has contacted the payroll to ask them to pay him after the 1st Jan however they have said they cannot do that due to it costing them too much money to change an employee’s pay date???
I have contacted Universal Credit and they have said there is nothing they can do.

We are losing £300 because of this which after bills is going to leave us with £100 for the whole month for food, toiletries fuel and any extras.

There isn’t much point to this post except for anyone with any tips on money saving for food & cheapest places to shop for nappies, toiletries etc…
I think we may be surviving on Rice and Beans for the month 🙈🙈


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