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Can I have a private post please. I have a 15 month old baby boy named George. …

Can I have a private post please.
I have a 15 month old baby boy named George. Since he was born I have never felt comfortable leaving him with my mother in law. We get along fine but we are very different people an have very different parenting skills.
When it came up about we going back to work three months ago, my husband and I argued constantly. I wanted to leave him with my mum all the time and he never saw the problem with his mother watching him. She has done a few things that have led to me not feeling comfortable with her watching him. Firstly she tries to go against everything that I say. She will feed him cheese wotsits, even tho I have told her on countless occasions that they upset his tummy and that he always has suitable snacks in the cupboard. She put straight orange juice in a beaker for him even tho I have told her it gives him a bad belly. When he was three months old I caught her feeding him chocolate off of her magnum ice cream. Her response was ‘i fed my daughter mashed potato at Christmas when she was only three weeks old’. On another occasion I walked into her house one day and found him sat on the sofa unsupervised eating a snickers chocolate bar at 10 months old.
However even after all this and many many arguments with my husband, I was told that I alienating her out of my sons life. After that comment I gave in and agreed that she could watch him.
Here’s my big issue: last week she was watching him for two hours between when my husband left for work and I returned from work. I home to find her shaking and tears in her eyes. My thoughts were ‘what the f#%k has happened’.She was babysitting in our house. She had left him in his highchair and left the room to do some washing up (another interfering act that drives me mad). She had not strapped him into his highchair, nor had she notice the the plastic rod that should sit between his legs was not in place. My son slid down the highchair, got stuck and was hanging by his head. She couldn’t work out how to get the tray off the highchair and could not manage to either pull him down or push him up. He was hanging like this for about 5 minutes. Eventually his weight pulled him through and he fell onto the floor. He had a gash above his right eye and looked like he had had a good left hook from Tyson. He also had a large graze and bruise to his right temple. Out of shock I didn’t really say anything to her I just scooped him up and she left the house. About an hour later he stopped turning his neck (being a nurse the alarm bells started ringing) I rang a&e and they decided that due to the potential neck injury they were sending out an ambulance. Luckily there was no real damage, they didn’t suspect a head injury but he had badly strained a muscle in his neck from where he was hanging in the highchair.
After all of this, I am adamant that she is not to watch him again. If I’m trusting someone with my child then I want to know that they are safe, secure and supervised and in my opinion he was not when she was watching him. This has recently caused a lot more arguments between me and my husband. He’s sees it as just an accident, I see it as an accident that happened because she neglected to look after him. He has recently threatened that if I refuse to let his mother watch George then he is going to leave me. He always chooses her side over mine and would rather I’m upset than her.
Am I right to be so upset about this because he thinks the sun shines out of her a#%?


One thought on “Can I have a private post please. I have a 15 month old baby boy named George. …

  • You are right and don’t doubt yourself it also don’t blame your husband for his inability to choose between the two most important women in his life!!
    My ex MIL sent my daughter home with 6 stitches in her leg, antibiotics and a note with care instructions that she had put on the back of an old envelope. The courts agreed she was in the wrong (we were already in court over visitation rights) and stopped sleepover visits for 6 months.
    You could sit down and talk with your husband and MIL and rationally tell them how you want things done and even give his rountine to her in writing with specifics on nutrition and make sure you show her how to use any new pieces of equipment So that everyone is clear on expectations and if she messes up again then don’t leave him unattended with her again.
    If you’re not feeling up to giving her another chance though I wouldn’t blame you.
    Trust your mothers instincts x x


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