Can i have a private post please.. Just want to see if people thinking im in a …

Can i have a private post please..

Just want to see if people thinking im in a way over reacting..
So basically i passed my driving test a few years ago but due to the pricenof insurance dont have my own car. My oh has a car and due to cars breaking etc the one he decided to get is alot higher on insurance then we ise to pay but he has has a wage rise by approx 400 a month
He asked and it would be a small amounts to add me onto the insurance but he said no he has made a gew excuses from the cars to big for me, we wont be able to afford it , id be disheartened come the time the insurance needs renewing as hes adament it will be higher, i told him i dnt care and i will deal with that when its renewed hes now saying it just wont wirk i feel like hes making excuses and doesnt want me to have a car . If he works away the car is just stored then and i realy on paying my parents to take me to work getting soaked doing the school run and relying on buses and taxis for work and school doctors trips etc. I just dont think its fair he wont let me use the car. Today i got pritty fuming and upset as im paying my dad petrol to take me and pic me up and today i was stood for ages waitimg for him and he didnt turn up and said he was busy !! Picked me up when i was nearly at his !! Tjis wound me up and my oh was like its not on but doesnt see why i want to go on insurance as i cant afford my own insurance . Anyone else think im wrong for wanting this . Ps sorry for the long confusing post x


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