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Can I have a private post please? So basically me n my child’s dad split up 4 ye…

Can I have a private post please? So basically me n my child’s dad split up 4 year ago throw out all this me n his dad still get on very well I also get on very well with his family still this includes taking my son on days out with them his girlfriend thinks that this is weird n I shouldn’t be going out with them is she right is it weird or is she just abit jealous as others have told me please help!! 😩


10 thoughts on “Can I have a private post please? So basically me n my child’s dad split up 4 ye…

  • Can I comment bk please I thought that but just wasn’t sure I don’t see what her problem is haha x

  • Not weird at all lovely! Very mature and I think brilliant u all get on and so nice for ur son! Ive been with my fiancé for nearly 4 years and he still gets on well with his ex who he has two sons with. Also me n her get along really well and we get on with her fiancé go on days out together for birthdays, all do parties together, school plays etc. We now have a son together and she and her family adore him her mum n dad treat my son as their own grandson. Our boys are so happy and loved and there’s nothing wrong with being adults. She maybe feels a bit insecure because you’re the mother to his child but don’t let it effect the way u all are together because she will just have to get over it. I think you’re all great for putting ur son first like we do should be more like us! Lol xxx

  • Well done for doing parenting right… The child is your priority & that’s just how it should be!
    Ok so this girlfriend may just be a bit insecure, it’s hard to understand how ex’s can get on so well as it hardly ever happens!
    But maybe just remind her it’s all for your child. I suggest having a bit of time with her I’d that’s possible, maybe see if she’ll go on a playdate with the child & you so you can all bond a bit. If she learns not to see you as a threat it’ll be so much easier!
    I’m sure once she trusts you aren’t after her man no more & the family are truly just wanted settled grounds for the child I’m sure she’ll adjust!
    You carry on doing what you’re doing though, this world needs more happily split parenting.

  • You know what, I applaud you that both you and your ex are doing things like this for your son. A lot of parents can’t (myself and ex included) you’re a bigger braver woman than I. The girlfriend needs to grow up imo some women can’t stand it, and it’s kind of pathetic (my ex’s gf would come to contact, even tho it’s against court order)

  • I get on well with my kids dad and his girlfriend and im realy close to his family to we have just all had weekend away together lol aslong as kids are happy stuff anyone else. X

  • It’s hard when you’re seeing someone with kids and the ex is involved but sadly you just have to suck it up and trust them x

  • It seems weird to her as most couples end bad and don’t do it. But definitely jealous. It’s great that yous can still do that xx

  • Not weird at all. She needs to realise that it’s about making memories for the child and nothing else. She probably finds it odd because most separated parents don’t get on and fail to be civil to each other. You carry on, if she doesn’t like it she knows where the door is x

  • That’s her being jealous.. be worse if use two where killing each other and for her to stick her nose in 😂 she has no say on what use do anyway..

  • She’s jealous! You’re still a family. It’s her problem. Don’t let it be yours


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