Can i please have a Private post. Posting for a friend as she is abit nervous to…

Can i please have a Private post. Posting for a friend as she is abit nervous to share. Thank you. X

Step parent and child bond

I want to see if anybody else is having/or had the same concerns that i haven’t been able to shake. Ive been with my partner for 2yrs now. My LO was 3 when my partner came on the scene and is now 5 . They both adore each other and i can see that especially when she goes to him for her security at bed time. She tells me she misses him when hes not around. They can laugh together and do anything together…but when they are together i can also see my LO is so stand offish (not every time, but it happens most days)… she can be completely fine and the next she doesnt want anything to do with him. He is very good with her, better than her own father. She see’s him rarely but adores the shit out of him (dont know why hes been nothing but a dead beat her entire life. But thats the way it goes right?) he also has a wife and my LO adores her to. Thinks the sun shines out of her A… even calls her step mummy. With my partner, she doesn’t. He does everything for her. He goes far and beyond and always has. Im thinking maybe because now she has that father figure with discipline and rules ect, she is not adapting maybe? I don’t know….Sometimes i feel so terrible for him because i know how much it breaks his heart when she completely shuts him out. I know she doesn’t and wont understand what this man has done and will continue to do for her but i do, and i couldn’t be anymore appreciative to find someone so amazing to take on another mans child as his responsibility.. has anybody else experienced this? Did it turn out okay? Do they grow apart and your relationship goes into flames with it? I just want her to be able to love him like he loves her. I never want to replace her biological fathers place or role in her life. I just don’t understand why she is more than happy to have a step mummy and be happy families with them but doesn’t feel that way at home. Its heart braking…i just want to add that i do not pressure her with any of this ofcourse. Ive just sat back and observed . Any advice would be appreciated 😊


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