Can I please have another private post? Are there any solicitors on here or peo…

Can I please have another private post?

Are there any solicitors on here or people who know the law rather than just hearing it from a friend??

Me and my ex (divorced 4 years ago but split up 5 years ago) have 5 children together and up until recently looked after the children equally and it worked fairly well. He lives at mine with his mum as well as they had no where else to go and being the kind (mug) person that I am said it was ok as it worked well.

Anyway things aren’t going that great at the moment and last night he said he’s moving out with his new girlfriends mate (he’s known this women 7-9 weeks) I suspect he’s moving in with her but I’m not going to get into it with him as it will cause yet another argument and I just want what’s best for our 5 children (3bio and 2 non but he’s bought them up since they were 2 and 4). He said he’ll have one children child every other weekend as they can’t stay at his girlfriends as she has no room and doesn’t want to bring up young kids again as her two are older. They are the same ages as our oldest two

Anyway I’ll stop waffling, I was just wondering if I can access legal aid as I got divorced before the changes??

We had mediation back then and they said we could have it anytime we wanted again but my old solicitor is a bit like a chocolate teapot and not been much help 😢

I work but only part time and on maternity leave as due another baby with a new partner soon ❤️

I just don’t know what to do but feel it’s unfair on our children to be dropped like this 💔😢 and would like some proper advice please ??


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