Candle Warning In The Colder Months

Last night I lit my crackle wick candle and got in the bath for about an hour. I then put it on my drawers and went for a nap before my night shift (I know sounds stupid). Basically I woke up to badger scratching at my door and whimpering. I woke up and looked like I was in a new paranormal activity, I had black coming out of my nose and was coughing black phlegm.

I thought nothing of it but talked to the fire service at work and upon asking for advice the commander deemed that I needed oxygen therapy, when the brigades turned up at work I showed them the pics and was given oxygen therapy starting on 10litres for half an hour. They said if they turned up to a job I would’ve been blue lighted to the hospital because of the amount of soot and risk of carbon monoxide poisening. Once the paramedics turned up I had my chest checked and all my stats. They told me if I had slept through to my alarm at 21:00hrs (I woke up around 19:30hrs) … I probably wouldn’t be here now.. dramatic I know!

So be careful of the colder months sitting in a closed room with a big candle for a few hours… or if you’ve got young children/babies… I’m thankful it was me and not a small child…it’s easily done.

Big thanks to the lovely firefighters and paramedics ❤️💙 DW Home Candles Homesense Homesense UPDATE: no reply from dw home candles. Only a refund has been offered by homesense.



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