Carers Do You Hear Me?

When the chair is rocking slowly and the fading eye lids fall, when friends and family visits start to slow.It is my carer who I call.

I’m sorry, I know you’re busy but please don’t rush me dear, my legs are very tired and I can’t help but fear.

I press my buzzer, I call out, I shout, I wish you would come near, I know I’ve pressed it often but I am lonely here.

I cannot make it to the toilet and you have to change my pad, I didn’t mean to make a mess, please talk to me with dignity and tell me what you’re doing, turn me slowly, don’t push and shove.

When I’m laying in my bed and you are washing me, don’t talk to your colleague as if I’m not here, I like to hear about your children and to tell you about my life, I wasn’t always like this and I have so many stories running through my head.

You work such long hours and your pay is very small, but I am very thankful for all you do , when you smile and joke with me, when you comfort and calm me, when you sit with me and hold my hand, when you remember I am a person who sometimes doesn’t understand.

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