Childs Five Words Shake Her Mum To The Core: Racial Bullying

Everyone grew up with a childhood best friend. They were the one you missed when they weren’t at school, who always made you laugh and kept all your secrets and the keeper of every pinky promise. You two did everything together.

When you are young, it’s pretty incredible what a difference your best friend forever can make. Rachel May Stafford recently took to Facebook to share an experience her daughter had with her best friend who fell subject to racist bullying.

Stafford said her daughter explained tearfully that she asked her friend if she was OK after hearing the racist comments, but she didn’t respond.
“So I just scooted closer,” Stafford said her daughter told her. “I didn’t know what to do, Mama, so I just hurt with her.”

I just hurt with her
“It took me a moment to recover from that,” Stafford said in her post. “I filed those powerful words away and continued observing this mighty pair.”
She went on to explain her admiration for the best friend duo, saying that they have always been there for each other.
“Whether one gets hurt on the playground … whether one is getting new glasses and needs an honest opinion … whether one needs encouragement at basketball tryout … whether one is frightened by a dog … they respond compassionately to each other’s needs.”

She said that even when they have disagreements, they manage to talk things through calmly and effectively.
She shared a story of taking the two girls to basketball camp, only to arrive and see that they were the only two girls at the camp. They fist bumped, then went on to enjoy their time at camp.

On the last day of camp, Stafford’s daughter looked at her best friend and said, “‘Thank you so much for going with me to that new camp. If you hadn’t been there, I don’t know what I would have done!'”
Her friend looked her straight in the eye and said, “‘If you ever have to go to a new basketball camp, don’t worry. I will always go with you.”

This is the kind of friend everyone should have
Stafford said she hopes the world takes note of a friendship like this.
“What if we collectively remember, ‘I’ll hurt with you,’ is something we can all do when we don’t know what to do?”
She said we should stop looking at it as “my back” or “your back,” but rather, “our backs,” so we can create a unified, peaceful world for our future generations.
She shared a picture of the two girls sitting on a football field and explained that the two of them have a little team of their own. But their team goal isn’t to win or be the best, it’s to love.

These sweet young girls are setting the perfect example of the love we should all have for one another, regardless of age or skin colour.
“They know that they are stronger together than they are alone,” Stafford said. “Let us take note.”



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