Come And Look After Your Turkey Before We Kill It

Greendale Farm shop has caused uproar after posting the following on their Facebook page

“Come and pick your own Christmas Turkey at the farm shop. We will put a name tag on it and you come and feed it and help look after it for the next two months. You will not need to get involved in any of the difficult bits at the end and we will even bone and stuff it for you when you come and pick it up, in time for Christmas”

Below the post were several pictures of different turkeys which seemed to shock Facebook users.

Genna Davies commented “How much to rescue the turkey and keep it alive” However Darren Taylor had other ideas and replied to Davies with “For every turkey you save I will kill and eat two more”, obviously then a whole internet debate about meat and lives went on, ultimately lots of people were offended and no body agreed. several people were left butt hurt and contacted the Facebook police!

Another Facebook user named Mary J Kirsch said “with eyes to see she is able to feel pain and pleasure, to have friends and enjoy life. Give thanks to a truly peaceful and compassionate way of being and leave animals off your plate. Cruelty free Christmas dinner is delicious and easy to find 1000’s of recipes online for all your traditional favourites without animals”. Darren Taylor couldn’t scroll passed and had to comment he said “Turkey wont feel a thing as she sits on my plate with the spuds and stuffing”.

What are your views would you pick out your live turkey, name it and even visit it and feed it, before having it killed and prepared for your Christmas meal?

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