Company Changing Babies Skin Colour

This truly upset me and I hope anyone who follows or purchases from this company (PatPat)will reconsider.

This beautiful baby had the colour of her skin and eyes lightened as well as makeup photo shopped on to her face. I read that her mother was also upset about this. What message does this send? Light skin is not more beautiful than dark skin. Light eyes are not better and a baby should never be photoshopped and sexualized in this way. I hope this company loses a lot of business for this choice. And I don’t EVER post negative things like this. This just cant be accepted.

PatPat is an online childrens clothing company who also have an app.

This is a multi faceted issue. One issue is the message being sent to beautiful little girls of color telling them they aren’t perfect just the way they are. The other issue is the way our society is sexualizing children and robbing them of innocence and purity.

Both are equally tragic realities of the world we live in and must change.



CreditAshley Grimm

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