Could i have a PPP. I’m pregnant with my third baby, all was well both partner a…

Could i have a PPP.
I’m pregnant with my third baby, all was well both partner and I working. Then I began to fall ill so gave up my job, but again fine because partners income ok (he’s self employed though so it does vary). I reached 22 weeks and became hospitalized, I had got a chest infection that became aggravated and I could no longer hold my blood oxygen on my own I needed constant oxygen and regular nebulizers to open my airways. my infection reached sceptic level so they changed my antibiotic to IV, anyway I got better, sort of. I’ve been told the damage to my respiratory system is permanent. As a result baby is suffering and not growing well (will be delivered via c sec at 30 weeks if no improvement). And ill be on inhalers, oxygen, nebulizer, medication for the rest of my life. Sitting up from laying causes my heart rate to increase 20bpm from resting, a gentle walk a rooms length sees my pulse hit 160+ and a standard staircase over 200. So walking and moving are exceptionally tiring and some days near impossible. As a result I now need help with day to day things which my partner is covering, because he’s self employed though it’s effecting our income very negitively. We get CTC and WTC but don’t know what else we can do. we need to finish buying baby things but now we also need to buy a wheelchair and have the house adapted as its not accessible (council tennants) due to the severity of the condition does anyone know if there’s some financial help available? I know theres disability benefits but i heard they’re near impossible to claim 😕


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