Could I have a private post please. I need advice on how to manage this situati…

Could I have a private post please.

I need advice on how to manage this situation.

My husband is very selfish, it’s getting to be a huge issue.
He will not share anything with my children (not his), what was the last straw tonight was I bought a Xbox last week for the bedroom, a joint thing, not specifically for him, tonight when he was out I told my eleven year old I’d play a game with him, I just wanted to spend time with him doing something of his choosing. My husband started shouting no way is anyone using my Xbox, I said it’s not yours it’s ours! He stormed off in a mood after refusing to help me set it up and kept saying my son isn’t using it. He won’t share his controller with my sons if they need to borrow one, he won’t let them touch his games, he keeps them all locked up. He hides his food/treats in the bedroom so they can’t touch them. It’s driving me crazy, he still acts like a child with loads of siblings, guarding everything away from everyone. His attitude to everything is really annoying me, Is there any chance of changing this situation around so he will act like a mature parent? Im giving up slowly on the relationship as I really can’t stand people who are this selfish and nasty about possessions. I never saw this side of him in the earlier days unfortunately.


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