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Could I please have a privet post. #hardtimes sorry for long post. Well to tr…

Could I please have a privet post. #hardtimes sorry for long post.
Well to try cut long story short, I have 3 children to a man i was wi for 13 years, in 2015 we split becos turned out he been having a fling wi my best friend I was 7 months pregnant wi our 3d child n my heart was Brook in to a million peaces.. anyway I had my children to think about so never did I use them as a weapon I kickt him out but he still had a key to my house then as my youngest got to 6 month I ask him for my key bk because clearly he didn’t need it we ant together n he come n go as he pleased, we ended up fighting (not in front of kids) becos he reckon he had all rights to own a key to were is kids was. Anyway I won the argument but then I had cctv fitted around house, just becos I was on my own with 3 kids made me feel mre safe as I’d neva been on my own befor, but he didn’t no I had it fitted.. one night I check the cctv n he was trying to c thro my windows listening letter box, I neva said nothing n it went on for a wile, until one day I ask if he could watch the kids at evening whilst I went wi a friend to ikea, he said he didn’t have time, so head went n it come out funny how u have time 1am on a morning to spy tho init, this man flipt on me talking bwt I’m a slag bare in mind not one man have I been wi but he was guilty so tryed to abuse me for is actions, I took none it to heart n let him have is own way….. So my point to this mesg iv let him live is life neva ask him for nothing meaning child support or him to have is kids over night NOTHING this man could come c kids when he feels… until other day my heldest daughter went to fone him n it kept on goin to voice mail, to then find out he blockt is own kids so I give him taste ov what he dun n blockt is ars, now I feel bad like I’m keeping is kids away from him, I told my daughter he blockt us she said let him crack on lol she 10 bare in mind… what shall I do iva way I do it on my own anyway they just no him to call him dad or shall I unblock him still let him treat us in that controlling way??? I’m a woman that belive every child needs a dad but he clearly taking piss n to me I need to show my daughters n son that this is not what a dad ment to b like ???? My head is stressed n don’t no what to do for best!! No bashing please. What would u mummy’s do???


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